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Mountain Empire Agency Alliance (MEAA) is one of the largest SIAA agency networks in the country. We have members of all sizes, from $300k premium volume all the way up to $40m+ in volume. Any agency can find great benefit in joining our network. From additional revenue opportunities and company access, to direct codes, agency coaching, perpetuation planning, or agency acquisition/merger consulting - we can help. Our members see revenue 5 different ways from a single book of business and generally earn far more from profit-sharing with us than on their own. Best of all? You are now part of our $8 billion alliance, ensuring stability and security. Reach out now to begin your growth!

  • Retain 100% Ownership of your Agency
  • Agency Coaching and Mentoring
  • Direct Appointments You Keep if you Leave
  • Top Level Commission Paid Directly To You Day 1
  • Quarterly Bonuses from $1 of Premium
  • Profit-Sharing from $1 of Premium
  • Marketing Assistance
  • Perpetuation Planning and Assistance
  • Agency Acquisition or Merger Assistance

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