Bootcamp Trainings

Hosted by MEAA in Kingsport, TN
$100 for MEAA Member Agencies

Join MEAA industry experts for a three-day bootcamp designed to take a new agent from licensing exam to successful selling. Bootcamps will cover sales philosophies and tactics, specific risks and how to write them, networking and prospecting, and more.

Below are some testimonials from recent course members about what they gained from this three-day course:

All of the PowerPoint presentations were helpful. The class discussion was great - I enjoyed the interaction and hearing other's thoughts and experiences. The Networking/sales portion was a game-changer for me. Dave did a great job presenting the information and keeping it interesting. I really enjoyed the whole thing

Amy Plahtinsky
Stevens Insurance

I found the entire training to be very successful. Going through actual documents as well as the training related to sales.

Tanner Carter
Price & Ramey Insurance Group

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