What is SIAA?

Jimmy Cooper, Marketing Coordinator

Are you familiar with the national network agency responsible for 13% of all independent insurance agencies in the United States?  Fret not; we will give you the scoop on the industry’s largest alliance of independent insurance agencies.

Strategic Insurance Agency Alliance, or SIAA, was established in 1995. However, the evolution of the concept started twelve years earlier. Rewind to 1983, when Jim Masiello of Masiello Insurance Agency in Keene, NH was on a quest for a way to allow independent agencies to access markets and grow—making this pursuit his mission to support the

growth and distribution system of independent agencies. Today, with more than $8.9 billion in combined premiums, Masiello has achieved his vision by connecting thousands of local independent agencies all aligned with the same goal – to have combined access to the largest and most successful insurance companies. Masiello was never interested in achieving growth by taking the Jeff Bezos approach of acquisition by purchasing agencies in the market to be under one giant umbrella, instead searching for a community of agencies to partner together to contribute to a common goal that would equip the network with the tools for growth. Thus in 1983, the first master agency, the Satellite Agency Network (SAN), was conceived.

Agencies all over New England quickly extended interest in the network, catapulting SAN into a regional alliance. The appeal of retaining their independent agency status while accessing opportunities of growth historically only available to larger agencies saw SAN outgrow the regional market and get set to expand nationally.

Expanding into an unknown market is a formidable task, so Masiello went back to the drawing board to create a national alliance of master agencies, piggybacking off SAN’s concept operating in select regions. SIAA was formed, Masiello and President of SIAA, Nick Pappajohn, quickly began the process of strategically signing master agencies to grow their now national toolbox of resources for agencies. In 1997, the national marketing plan was established and regional presidents were selected, and put to work developing the overall network by identifying growing agencies that saw the benefit of growth without acquiring other agencies or the financial burden of expansion.

By 2015, SIAA’s network reached 48 states and connected 48 master agencies. Four years later in 2019, SIAA signed 13% of all independent insurance agencies in the United States, making it the largest alliance of independent agencies.

Today smaller agencies that join one of SIAA’s continuously growing master agencies have access to top national carriers and strategic partner companies. Giving small companies access to markets that were seemingly unattainable previously.  With the addition of support services, SIAA is genuinely the most incredible network to be a strategic partner in the insurance industry.  

There is no more robust way to start an agency than being backed by SIAA’s Foundation program. This new agency start-up mentorship will give agencies a hands-on helping hand for the first two years of opening their business. It will provide agencies with SIAA Field Specialists to serve as advisors for all aspects of your business. Including staffing, accounting, technology, marketing, and any other small business requirements you may need.

Mountain Empire Agency Alliance (MEAA)’s founder Keith Sims started as a producer for Price & Ramey Insurance Group in 1994 and worked hard to become an agency partner in 1999. Sims grew the independent agency from within as well as purchasing agencies to increase the overall footprint so much so that SIAA reached out several times to head up the region’s master agency and officially did in 2008. MEAA was so successful that SIAA requested a territory expansion thus, creating Mountain Empire Agency Alliance.

MEAA is proud to be a master agency of SIAA, with over 150 member agencies operating throughout Tennessee, Western North Carolina, and North Central Virginia. Using decades of knowledge, strategies, partnerships, and experience, MEAA has been a top performer for the past 6 consecutive years and one of the largest networks in the country. Now whether you are starting an agency or growing an existing agency, MEAA can assist you in achieving unprecedented agency growth. With a proven track record, strategic partnerships, experience, and knowledge, we can help transform your vision into a reality. Give one of our experts a call today at 866-264-1292 to join the largest national alliance of independent agencies, and get started on your success for tomorrow.