Your Agency without the Nationwide Elite Agreement

Keith Butler, Territory Manager

Do you represent Nationwide at your agency? Are you a part of an agency partnership that provides you with Nationwide access, commissions, overrides, and profit-sharing? With the removal of the Nationwide Elite Agreement, you could be leaving revenue on the table. And the promises you were made are being broken.

Here is the deal–beginning in 2022, your Nationwide commission will drop to 15% new business and 10% renewal business on personal lines, rather than the 15% on renewal you were sold. Mountain Empire Agency Alliance (MEAA), can help you access some of that lost revenue.

Instead of losing out on that revenue, you can join MEAA and access commissions of 12% on renewal, plus all of our additional resources.

MEAA is your regional Master Agency of SIAA, the nation’s #1 partnership of independent insurance agencies. Agencies that we work with have access to dozens of unique revenue streams, incentives, resources, and programs to grow your book of business. For existing agency owners, we can help access those lost commissions. If you are interested in leading your own agency, MEAA can help you access the superior Nationwide deal out there today.

We compensate our agents up to five ways on their book of business, while other agency partnerships only compensate one or two ways. By joining MEAA, you can keep full control of your agency, increase revenue from existing policies, access new carriers, and utilize our consultants and resources for continued growth. 

What do you gain in addition to better Nationwide commissions?

  • Profit-Sharing with No Minimum Volume Requirements
  • Regional Incentives
  • National Strategic Partner Incentives
  • Retain Ownership of 100% of the Agency

We also have two full-time agency development specialists on staff. They exist solely to assist you with growing your agency, with Nationwide and dozens of other carriers. If you are a new agency they will coach you to success; if you are an existing agency they can unlock new heights of your potential. When you join MEAA, you’ll put these guys on your speed dial and know you’re being looked after.

Come for the Nationwide commissions, stay for everything else MEAA has to offer.

No need to take our word for it though, we’d love to start with a revenue comparison for you and discuss some of these additional benefits. There is no commitment and no drawback to knowing the facts. See for yourself the difference MEAA can make for your agency. 

Being independent doesn’t mean being alone. We look forward to hearing from you!